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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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Do I have to be on my parents’ insurance to drive their car?

Do I have to be on my parents’ insurance to drive their car?
Tina Playle
  • On July 6, 2018

When you’re a learner driver, in order to practise your driving outside of your driving lessons you will need learner insurance. You can either be added onto your parent’s insurance policy, or you can purchase an independent learner policy.

We’re going to explain the differences, so you can decide which option is more valuable to you.

Do I need learner driver insurance?

The short answer is yes, legally, you need to be insured to drive as a learner driver outside of your driving lessons.

When you’re with a qualified driving instructor, you won’t need it, this is sorted by the driving instructor.

As private practise is a common way for learner drivers to build their confidence outside of lessons, having the right insurance is vital.

Adding a learner driver onto a parent’s policy

Some learner drivers are added to their parent’s insurance, so they can practise in the family car.

However, this limits learner drivers to practising on a borrowed car only and can sometimes be costly.

Also, adding a learner driver to an existing car insurance policy could affect the no claims bonus of the main driver.

Independent learner driver policies

Independent learner driver policies are also available. These are stand alone policies, usually registered in the learner drivers name. These stand-alone policies mean that in the result of a claim in a car a learner has borrowed, the owner of that car’s no claim bonus will not be affected.

Independent learner driver policies are also great for owning a car whilst only having a provisional licence. Some learners choose to own a car, as it’s a fantastic opportunity to get familiar with it before passing.

At InsureLearnerDriver, we offer policies for both types of learners – owners and those practising in a borrowed car.

We also offer a wide range of policy durations, so you can pick and choose the amount of time that suits you best.

And one of the best parts of an InsureLearnerDriver policy, is that you can get a quote, pay and you’ll be emailed your policy documents immediately – all online.

Click here to get a quote in just 30 seconds.

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