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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Economical Cars – Audi A1 vs. Mini Hatch

Economical Cars – Audi A1 vs. Mini Hatch
George Trout
  • On February 3, 2017

Young and learner driver cars go hand in hand with economical cars, particularly in the modern age. Nowadays, even car brands such as MINI and Audi (not traditionally key players in the fuel efficiency market) have their own lower cost, high MPG offerings.

For more fuel efficient cars see ourTop 10 economical cars article.

Today we’ve paired off cars from, Audi and Mini, that can be covered on a learner insurance policy with InsureLearnerDriver. The Audi A1 SE 1.0 TFSI and the MINI Hatch One 1.0.

Learner Insurance

If you own a MINI Hatch, you will be paying less per month for your learner insurance than with an Audi A1. The Audi costs roughly £98 per month, whereas the Mini is about £91 per month (amounts based on an Insurelearnerdriver 28-day Owner policy, for a 20-year-old living in Potters Bar).

Both prices are slightly higher than you could get on other young and learner driver cars, and this is probably due to them both having higher insurance group ratings. According to Parkers, the A1 has a rating of 15/50 and the MINI Hatch has a rating of 12/50. Compare this to something like the Suzuki Celerio, which is an insurance group 7/50.

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fuel efficiency for an audi a1 and mini one

Young Driver Suitability

Both cars may be a little more expensive than your average young or learner car, but you certainly get what you pay for in both. In either you have a DAB radio, air conditioning, day time running lights and a keyless, start stop engine.

The Audi has leather as standard on parts of the interior, which you don’t get on the MINI. The A1 has powerful BOSE 5.1 surround sound speakers, great for those who like the sound of their music whilst driving, but be aware that using this powerful sound system does drain fuel. This will in effect lower the MPG you’ll be able to achieve.

The Audi and MINI both have Automatic Stability Control and Hill-Hold Assist, but there’s no mention of Electronic Brake Force Distribution or Brake Drying systems on the Audi, which the MINI does have.

In terms of price there’s not much separating the two, but it’s worth noting that there is significantly more power to the Audi, thanks to its TFSI engine, and more boot space. Do keep in mind, however, that the TFSI engine has a turbo which will likely increase your insurance costs.

*Please Note, if you want an alternative fuel type the A1 does have a Diesel option (1.6 TDI Diesel engine) but we would not recommend it for a young / learner driver. The MINI Hatch One only has petrol engines; see the MINI Hatch One D for diesel options.

stats for an audi a1 vs a mini one

What’s On Offer?


  • Technology – the Audi has a DAB radio with a 6.5″ display screen. The MINI also has a DAB radio, as well as air-conditioning.
  • Safety – monitor your passengers in the Audi with seat belt monitoring systems and have a more controlled journey with its Adaptive Braking and Electronic Stability Control. The MINI has Hill-Hold Assist and gives the driver better control when stopping by having ventilated brakes and a brake drying system.
  • Style– the Audi has a stylish ‘Zeitgeist cloth’ upholstery with some leather features. Audi also injects more colour and variety, with titanium headlinings and a few body colours choices. A lot more than the MINI has anyway. The MINI only has two standard colours.


  • Technology– the Audi can get an optional infotainment system, with 6 loud (amplified) speakers installed. You also have the option for an auto dimming rear view mirror in the Audi. The MINI can also have auto an dimming rear view mirror, as well as auto dimming exterior mirrors.
  • Safety– both can have parking assist added. Interestingly, hill-hold assist is not standard on the Audi but it is on the MINI.
  • Style– optional metallic and pearl effect finishes available on the Audi, with an alternative roof colour if you want one. The MINI can offer light alloy wheels and in the true spirit of the British MINI you can also get union jack side scuttles.


Audi A1

Auto Express – Great looks, high-quality interior, strong residuals

WhatCar? – The Audi A1 is an appealing small car with an upmarket interior

AutoCar – The breadth of abilities is highly impressive

MINI Hatch

Auto Express – Sharp handling, efficient engines, strong residuals

WhatCar? – The MINI Hatch is a great all-rounder, and one that should be on your shortlist

AutoCar – Exuberant charm and retro cool have taken this car to great heights

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