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InsureLearnerDriver | February 18, 2019

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Good Driving Habits Learners Can’t Afford To Forget

Good Driving Habits Learners Can’t Afford To Forget
George Trout
  • On September 22, 2016

Learner Drivers must be wary to not let bad habits creep into their driving after they pass. Don’t forget all the good habits you have been taught.

So what are some important driving lessons you should never forget.

‘Wheely’ important

Use the shuffling technique and avoid turning the wheel hand over hand. This technique is taught to learners as it gives you more control.

Keep both hands on the wheel, unless changing gear, and do not become one of those drivers who ‘Palm’ the wheel to turn the car (Palming is where you use the palm of one hand to turn the wheel).

Handbrakes, not just for driving lessons

When you come to a stop at a red light, you are taught to apply the handbrake until the light turns green.

When people pass their test, they tend to forget or don’t bother to apply the handbrake at traffic lights; they just use the brake pedal instead. When the handbrake is on, the car is less likely to lunge forward if it’s hit from behind.

Additionally, don’t neglect your handbrake on hill starts. It is a bad habit to only use the footbrake for a hill start. The handbrake stops you from rolling back when you move off.

Rear view mirror

One mirror check people may neglect after passing is their rear view mirror check.

Its intended purpose is to let you know what traffic is like behind you, it also allows you to gauge the distance of the car behind. If you have a car following you closely, be prepared to slowly apply the brakes. If you apply the brakes harshly they may drive into the back of you.

man in car showing where bad habits are

Get ahead and adjust your head rest

Part of your cockpit drill, when learning to drive, is to ensure your headrest is correctly set. After you pass and get your own car this adjustment becomes less necessary to do, but if you share a car, or have let someone else borrow your car recently you may have to adjust it.

An inaccurately adjusted head rest could cause general discomfort to the driver, which could agitate them whilst driving. In the worst case scenario, the driver has an accident; a poorly adjusted head rest could result in a bad injury e.g. whiplash.

Indicating your intentions

A really bad habit to pick up is not indicating. Indicating informs drivers of your intentions ahead of time. Even if you think you could get away without indicating, don’t risk it.

Driving procedures were created to keep you safe on the road. If you have any bad driving habits, make sure to take out Temporary Learner Driver Insurance and practice correcting them before your test.


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