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InsureLearnerDriver | December 6, 2019

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InsureLearnerDriver Parking Game At Preston’s College

InsureLearnerDriver Parking Game At Preston’s College
George Trout
  • On June 30, 2016

Last Friday we put the students of Preston’s College through their paces, by testing their parking ability – not in real cars of course!

InsureLearnerDriver were asked by the kind staff at Preston’s College to attend their achievement day, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievement of students who have gone above and beyond for their college. It also celebrates the student body as a whole, with lots of games, food and fun on offer.

We decided to add to the festivities by offering students the chance to win an Amazon Fire tablet. To win, students had to achieve the highest possible score on the final level of our parking challenge game.

So we wasted no time at all. In partnership with our sister site, Sky Insurance, the InsureLearnerDriver team hopped in a car and travelled up to Preston. They got there nice and early, set up shop, booted up the game and let the flurry of excited students try their luck at winning.

The enthusiasm of students throughout the day was fantastic and people really got into the parking game. Some were absolutely determined to win and insisted they were kept informed should anyone beat their high score.

parking game - insurelearnerdriver

Whilst students were waiting to show off their parking skills, our team was on hand to answer any burning questions they may have had about Young and Learner Driver insurance. With many of the students at the age where they’re either learning to drive or having just passed, we were more than happy to explain to them how learner driver insurance policies, as well as our money saving young driver schemes, could help them out.

Micheal-Competition-WinnerAt the end of the day there could only be one winner and that honour went to Michael. With a nearly perfect score of 299 points, he certainly deserved the victory. Congratulations Micheal, we hope you enjoy your prize!

If you want to try your hand at the parking game, InsureLearnerDriver have now made it available to all users on our website – click here to play


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