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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ ends at Bovingdon – Hertfordshire Event

‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ ends at Bovingdon – Hertfordshire Event
George Trout
  • On May 23, 2016

Another brilliant Sunday and another successful ‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Event. The turn out was even better than last time and reactions were just as positive as our Kent event.

What was supposed to be a rather dismal day in terms of the weather turned out to be just the opposite. The sun was beaming down, which led to a number of people taking a few minutes for a tea or coffee as well as a lounge in the sun.

There was a steady stream of people attending throughout the day, with some only needing an hour or so to practice and some who took full advantage of day by staying till the very end. The time simply flew by and we were happy to hear how much the learner’s got from the day. A number of learners and parents alike commented how the day had done wonders for their confidence. As we all know driving can be a nerve racking experience, but the learners seemed to appreciate the wide open practice space, with little to no chance of any accidents occurring.

Speaking of the space, you couldn’t have asked for a better one. With Bovingdon Airfield also able to house ‘Drift Limits’ & ‘Delta Force Paint balling’, it’s not an exaggeration to say the venue was gigantic. If you were to stand at one end of the runway and watch one of our learner cars drive to the other end, you might just manage to spot them as a speck in the distance. The size made it perfect for simulating long roads, such as dual carriageways, and controlling the car at higher speeds. The track was designed for people to have ample space to practice everything a learner needs to pass their driving test, including marked out zones for manoeuvres.

We would also like say a massive thank you to ‘Sirens Driving Academy’ who helped organise the event and set up the track for our learners. They were fantastic at getting people acquainted with the course and jumping in the car with whoever needed help; very knowledgeable, very helpful and nothing but positive reviews from the attendants.

As the day closed on the event, it also marked the end to ‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Week. We would like to thank everyone who attended both our Hertfordshire and Kent events and those who used to week to practice driving with their parents

We wish everyone good luck in the future and happy practising!


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