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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Temporary Car Insurance For Learner Drivers

Temporary Car Insurance For Learner Drivers
George Trout
  • On December 3, 2015

InsureLearnerDriver understand that not all learners will need an annual insurance policy. For example, if your driving test is quickly approaching, you won’t need annual cover and rather than spending excessive amounts of money on a few hours of driving lessons, you’d be better off taking out temporary car insurance.

InsureLearnerDriver have carefully constructed temporary car insurance policies that will suit the needs of all types of learners. Our two main types of cover are:

Learner Temporary Cover Options

  • Borrowed Temporary Car Insurance for Learner Drivers – which allows the learner driver to practice driving in a borrowed car (like a parent’s car).
  • Owner Temporary Car Insurance for Learner Drivers – which allows the learner driver to practice in a car they own themselves.

FAQs – Common Learner Dilemmas

Who can I borrow a car from?

A common dilemma for learners is finding somebody willing to loan out their vehicle. Owners may worry about the risk to their own insurance if the learner has an accident. If they have earned a certain level of ‘No Claim Bonus’, what would happen to this. InsureLearnerDriver has all the answers to these issues.

Does this place the car owner’s policy at risk – could they lose their No Claims Bonus?

InsureLearnerDriver understands this fear, which is why our temporary car insurance policies are separate to the main car owner’s insurance policy. This means any accidents that occur under the learner’s control are claimed not on the owner’s policy, but the learner’s temporary one. This protects the owner’s no claims bonus or any risk to their own policy.

Shouldn’t I just concentrate on Driving Lessons from a qualified Driving Instructor?

It is highly recommended to include some ‘private practice’ within your learning schedule. Temporary Learner Insurance cover can also help if your driving instructor cannot commit enough time to your individual tuition. InsureLearnerDriver’s temporary car insurance allows the learner to practice when, where and for as long as they want. There are no imposed curfews and as long as an accompanying driver, over the age of 25 with a full licence for 3 years, is present, the learner can practice to their heart’s content.

For those who are determined to pass, temporary car insurance for learner drivers is the best option.

Quick and easy to purchase off the InsureLearnerDriver website, get yourself a quote in seconds!


  1. anne thomson

    Do you not take anyone for insurance with a birth year before 1975 as this is the lowest year on your quotes. Thank you.

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