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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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Weekend Learner Driver Insurance

Weekend Learner Driver Insurance
George Trout
  • On July 14, 2015

Despite driving lessons being very useful and a great form of tuition, there are some things they lack.

It’s definitely worth considering having a mixture of Driving Lessons and Private Practice. By getting Temporary Learner Driver Cover for Weekend Practice, you have at your disposal the perfect ‘Weekend Learner Driver Insurance Policy’. Not excited yet? You should be!

Weekend Driving Practice – Making Weekends Fun & Productive

The benefit of having Learner Driver Cover over the weekend, is that it opens up many more doors for the learner.

Firstly, the weekend is a popular time to book driving lessons, meaning your driving instructor will be very busy. If you’re looking for a lesson on a weekend you might find yourself with a very unaccommodating lesson time, which either doesn’t fit in with your schedule or is just too early in the morning.

With Weekend Learner Driver Cover your weekends don’t have to fit round your practice. Practice can fit round your weekend.

Another advantage, because you are not on a lesson you can make the driving practice part of a day out. Lessons are specifically designed periods of time, with a pre-selected  destination and repeated routes. Private Practice is much more free, in terms of where and when you drive. You just need an accompanying driver and hey presto off you go.

So, is the phrase ‘Weekend Learner Driver Insurance’ sounding any cooler yet? Of course it is. Don’t make learning to drive a chore, make it fun, and this is perhaps the best way to do so.

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