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Learning In Parents Car

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Learner Drivers and Provisional Licence holders can now enhance their driving skills by purchasing some short term 'top up' insurance that covers them to practice in someone else's car.

This is great news for Provisional Licence holders looking to get some extra 'private' practice. With this new type of cover with Insure Learner Driver you can get an immediate online policy to drive a family or friends' car for short term periods from 7 days up to 5 months.

Our short-term comprehensive policy requires you to be supervised at all times by a qualified driver who is aged 25 and under 72 with a full UK or EU driving licence for over 3 years to accompany you for tuition purposes only.

The car must already be insured by the owner, as our insurance policy is issued in the name of the learner driver as a 'top-up' cover, so as not to affect the No Claims Bonus of the car owner's in the event of a damage claim.

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  • Price Match Promise
  • Instant Cover in Minutes
  • Policies from 7 to 140 days
  • 24hr Claims Helpline
  • Cars up to new groups 28
  • Market value up to £25000

Annual learner driver insurance as an option

Alternatively, if you have already purchased your own car, we can arrange an annual insurance policy over the phone with prices starting from as low as £500 giving you the chance to earn your own No Claims Bonus and reduce your future insurance premiums. This could easily save you over £1,500 off your next insurance policy renewal.

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Extra Driving Test Practice - Get on the Road to Test Success

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If your Driving Test is coming up soon, you can take advantage of some extra driving test practice by taking out some short term cover with ourselves to insure you whilst driving someone's else car - provided there is already a main insurance policy already in place on the car.

Driving lessons can be expensive, and booking those extra lessons to boost your driving skills before your driving test can also be costly. Why spend a fortune on lessons when you could gain some hands-on experience in the car belonging to a friend or family member thanks to temporary learner driver insurance?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency suggests that in addition to professional tuition at least 20 hours of private practise are received prior to taking a driving test. According to uSwitch, the average cost of driving lessons is £1333. Given that they can be as much as £30 per hour, a policy taken out with Insure Learner Driver could save you £600.

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