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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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10 Cheap to Insure Cars – Young Drivers

10 Cheap to Insure Cars – Young Drivers
George Trout
  • On September 30, 2016

Insuring a Young Driver is never a fun task. They are easily the most expensive people to insure, with quotes reaching around £2000 for most, that is why carefully picking your car is so important. The car you pick can drastically effect how much your insurance will cost.

Car Groups

Car groups range between groups 1 – 50, with the lower end being a lower insurance risk and the higher end being a higher insurance risk. So insuring a person on a group 50 car is more expensive than insuring someone on a group 10 car.

Thatcham outline some of the key factors that effect a car’s group rating

  • Cars that are more expensive
  • Cars with a long repair time (time consuming repairs are more costly)
  • Cars that are more hazardous to drive (older vehicles)
  • Cars with a higher performance (bigger engine)
  • Cars with less security

Our top 10 ‘Cheap to Insure’ cars:

We had a look at some of the current cars available to young drivers and then tested quotes for them all on our website. All of the cars on our list were quoted at less than £100 for an InsureLearnerDriver 28 day owner-driver policy. Quotes do vary dependent on your personal circumstances, and on the insurer you go through so prices may vary, but we’re confident you should be able to find a good deal on the cars below. Our quotes were also based on 2016 plate cars – older versions of the cars below may differ in terms of spec and insurance group. Please check with your insurance company prior to purchasing a car.

Individual insurers differ on how much each group rating affects their premium prices, but here are 10 low group rating cars that are generally quite cheap to insure. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which one sounds the best.


image of a blue dacia sandero

Basic Model – Dacia Sandero Access 1.2 litre

Price – £5,995

The Dacia is a good little runner. It can reach a top speed of 101 mph and its fuel consumption isn’t bad either (48.7 mpg). Don’t expect much in the way of tech though, as the basic model doesn’t even have electric windows.


a red hyundai i10

Basic Model – Hyundai i10 S 1.0 Litre

Price – £7,995

An award winning car that featured on Carbuyer’s ‘Car of the Year – 2014’ and WhatCar’s ‘Car of the Year – 2015’. Hyundai also offer flexible payment schemes, with the ability to put forward either no deposit on initial purchase or up to a 50% of it (please refer to company T&C’s).


a white skoda citigo

Basic model – Skoda Citigo S 1.0 Litre

Price – £8,275

Not overly flashy, but the Citigo has great control and handling, helped along with even more tech that comes as standard: responsive speed sensitive steering; electronic stability control.


a purple seat mii

Basic Model –  Seat Mii S 1.0 Litre

Price – £8,440

The Mii has a few of the helpful stability controls the Citigo offers, but it also boasts a large storage capacity, with a 251 (litre) boot, and a fantastic fuel economy of 62.8 mpg, which spikes up to around 72.4 for extra urban driving.


a white volkswagen Up

Basic Model –  Volkswagen Take UP! 1.0 Litre

Price – £8,995

Considering the price, the sophisticated UP! comes with great features as standard, including: a battery regeneration system, which recuperates your lost energy when you brake; Hill hold functionality and a tyre pressure loss indicator.


an orange toyota aygo

Basic Model – Toyota Aygo X 1.0 litre

Price – £9,095

If you’re willing to ‘GO’  a bit further with your funds the AYGO could be a great choice. Both the 3 and 5 door models are quite cheap to insure, combine this with some cool standard specs, including: Hill start assist; radio with MP3 capabilities and a tyre Pressure Warning System, it’s a very good, cheap car.


an orange fiat panda

Basic Model –  Fiat Panda POP 1.2 Litre

Price – £9,510

Less expensive than its flashier brother, the Fiat 500, but not the cheapest on the list. You do get a better power outage (Top speed – 102 mph), Greater utility space (boot capacity minimum 225 litres) and a larger fuel tank (37 litres) with their “Smart Fuel” refuelling system as standard.


blue renault twingo

Basic Model –  Renault Twingo Expression 1.0 Litre

Price – £9,495

Keep yourself safe with Electronic Stability Control, Hill Start Assist and a Speed limiter as standard. The Twingo also offers their R&GO application which is compatible to certain smart phones. This allows users to download: internet radio, the find-my-car option, and access vehicle information.


Skoda Fabia

Basic model – Skoda Fabia Hatch S 1.0 Litre

Price – £10,750

The big brother to the Citigo and like any big brother it’s – well – Bigger, weighing 100 kg more than the Citigo S. As a result it has a slightly lower acceleration and higher fuel consumption, but considering as standard you get more refined features such as a leather steering wheel; storage compartments and a DAB digital radio, maybe that extra bulk is worth it.

FIAT 500

blue fiat 500

Basic Model – Fiat 500 POP 1.2 litre

Price – £11,050

A bit pricer than most the others on this list, but as standard there’s a few interesting bits of tech: Heat-reflecting windows, Automatic door locking. Design is where the car really comes to life though, with the most options as standard, with 9 body paint colours and a wide range of interior add ons. It also has little details, such as Chrome-plated exterior door handles, that just make the car stand out.

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