Acceptance Criteria for Markerstudy Short-term Owner Learner

To keep the number of questions we ask to a minimum, we make some assumptions about the learner driver and the car. Please ensure you read the statements below as these will form part of your insurance contract. Incorrect information could invalidate all or part of the policy.

About the Driver

  1. Are aged between 17 and 25, have been a UK resident for 12 months or more; and have a valid UK or Northern Ireland Provisional Licence
  2. Have had NO accidents, claims or losses in the past 3 years
  3. Have NO penalty points on their driving licence and they have not been disqualified from driving or had their licence revoked within the past 5 years
  4. Do NOT have a full or part-time occupation as a professional sports-person or a musician
  5. Have NEVER had a motor insurance policy cancelled, made void or refused; or had a claim repudiated or declined
  6. Have NEVER been convicted of any criminal offence or have a possible prosecution or police enquiry pending

About the Car

  1. Is valued at LESS than £20,000, is right-hand drive with no more than 7 seats; and will be used for tuition purposes only
  2. Is OWNED and registered in the Learner Driver’s name
  3. Is NOT modified or altered in any way (including wheels, suspension, bodywork or engine) ~ cars modified to cater for a disabled driver or a disabled passenger are acceptable
  4. Has NOT been seized or impounded and I am not buying insurance cover to obtain its release

About the Supervisor

  1. Is aged 25 or over and under 72 years of age
  2. Holds a full and valid UK driving licence for at least 3 years

If you do not match the Acceptance Criteria, you can not be covered under the InsureLearnerDriver policy and should not proceed with this purchase.