Driving Test

How Your Driving Test Affects Your Learner Insurance

Please note that InsureLearnerDriver policies are only valid whilst you hold a Provisional Licence – if you are taking your Driving Test during the period of cover, you will need to contact our Young Drivers Team a few days beforehand and they can assist in getting some continued cover options for a policy under a Full Licence prepared, which can be activated should you pass (fingers crossed!). The can only offer 'Black Box' policies for drivers under 26 yrs of age.


The Young Driver policies are administered by Safely Insured, the parent company of InsureLearnerDriver. Call Safely Insured on 01707518593 for more information. 


During Your Driving Test

For the actual Driving Test itself, your insurance with InsureLearnerDriver is valid and covers you whilst on a Driving Test, as long as they take place within the period of cover. The test examiner is classified as your 'accompanying driver'.

If You Pass Your Driving Test

If all goes well and you pass your test, you will no longer be classed as a Provisional Licence holder - hence why it is best to call us prior to the test date and prepare for this eventuality. Your InsureLearnerDriver policy ends here. (Please note, on short-term policies, there are no refunds).


A graphic explaining that if your policy is active during your driving test period and longer in duration than 7 days, you are covered to drive home after the test.

  • If you purchased a policy with a cover period of 7 days or over, the Insurance Company of those policies also covers you 'for up to 3 hours to drive directly home to your usual home address following your Driving Test'
  • Policies with a cover period of 1-6 days do not include this, so end immediately when you pass your driving test

If You Do Not Pass Your Driving Test

Your policy continues as normal until the expiry date. You can purchase a further policy for future practice, if and when required.

Young Driver Policies as a Full Licence Holder 

Safely Insured has an excellent Young Drivers Insurance Scheme, offering Black Box / Telematics policies for newly qualified drivers under 26 yrs of age. Download a copy of the guide by clicking the image below!

Young & Learner Drivers Insurance Guide

The guide is full of tips, advice and information explaining the different types of policies available and how you can reduce your insurance costs.

For more information on Safely Insured Black Box policies, visit their black box page or call 01707 518 393.


Good Luck with your Driving Test!