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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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10 Items You Should Have in Your Car

10 Items You Should Have in Your Car
Tina Playle
  • On October 24, 2017

When getting from A to B, it’s easy to forget that problems could occur on the way. Most learner drivers are so focused on passing their driving test that they don’t have the right items in their car, in case an emergency happens.

Now we know not everyone is a mechanic, so we’ve just included the essentials that will get you by until the recovery services arrive (if you need them).

We have selected 10 items that you should have in your car in case of emergencies.

Hazard Triangle

items to have in your car

If you find yourself stranded after breaking down, it’s written in the highway code that you need to place a hazard triangle at least 45 metres away from where your car is parked. This is not only a case of safety for yourself, but other road users. A definite essential for any in-car survival kit!


Snacks and water

items to have in your car

Here’s something we’re all happy to get on board with. It’s always good to have snacks in your car, just in case you find yourself in a situation where you’re stuck for a while, with no shops around. Non-perishable foods like cereal bars and crisps are the best!


Breakdown Contact

items to have in your car

A key item to have. Recovery companies usually give you a card with their contact number in case you find yourself in an emergency. This is a vital item to have in your car as it puts you in contact with the professionals who can help you!


Spare Tyre

Most modern cars don’t supply a spare tyre as standard (though it can still be purchased at an extra cost in most cases). Full tyre blow outs are rare and spare tyres take up a lot of room. Instead, most dealers will provide a tyre inflation kit, which can be used to deal with small punctures. Punctures are one of the most common car faults, so it’s worth knowing how to temporarily fix them. Keep in mind though that this is just a ‘temporary fix’ and you will need to visit a garage at your earliest opportunity.

Watch the following video by Toyota, to see how to carry out the repair


Warm Clothing

items to have in your car

As winter approaches, being stranded could quickly become a chilly affair. Even just sitting in the car for a few minutes in the middle of winter could get uncomfortable, so best keep an old winter coat in the back!

Phone and Charger

items to have in your car

As a generation we don’t go anywhere without our phones, so this one should be easy to carry out. Having a way to communicate with the rest of the world becomes vital in emergency situations, so make sure you leave the house with your phone and a charger!


A Paper Map

items to have in your car

Believe it or not, there was a way to get from A to B without using the maps feature on your phone. Just in case your phone dies and you don’t know where you are, a paper map is always a great back up.



items to have in your car

If you live anywhere that has a lot of rural roads, it’s probably a good idea to keep a torch in your car just in case you find yourself with an issue, in an area with no street lights.


Ice Scraper

items to have in your car

Winter is fast approaching and that means you’ll need something to scrape the frost off your windshield. Not doing so may obscure your view and cause an accident! Also keep a bottle of de-icer with you, as this will help breakdown the ice, making scraping easier and less likely to damage your windows and windshield.


First Aid Kit

items to have in your car

A basic first aid kit to help with any unfortunate bumps and scrapes, is an essential on any road trip!

So, how many essentials from our list have you already got? It’s always best to prepare for the worst, even if you haven’t passed your driving test yet!

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