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InsureLearnerDriver | May 29, 2020

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10 Things You’ll Know Too Well if You’re Learning to Drive

10 Things You’ll Know Too Well if You’re Learning to Drive
Tina Playle
  • On August 16, 2018

Learning to drive can sometimes prove itself to be both a blessing and curse at times. The feeling of new found freedom mixed with anxiety from being responsible for a large metal box can be overwhelming.

We’ve shared some of the things all learner drivers will experience at some point during their journey to their pink licence.

Hopefully you can rejoice in the fact that all learners have their moments they’d rather forget.

The fear before your first driving lesson


You’re waiting for your instructor, but you suddenly start thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Pass the sick bucket!


Stalling for the first time… and the second… and the third…



It starts off as a surprise but then quickly turns into the most infuriating inconvenience ever! Enjoy!


The face when your instructor uses their own brake pedal…


It was all going fine and then all of a sudden, you’ve jolted forward out of nowhere… Turns out you made a mistake…  Doesn’t make it any less frustrating though!


Not knowing what is happening when driving around a roundabout.


Arguably one of the most complicated things to master when learning to drive. You’ve somehow had to juggle observations AND position at once. Not to mention the crippling pressure of holding everyone else up… Why do we even have roundabouts again?


Listening to everyone talk about when THEY were learning to drive.


Enough of “I passed first time!” and “It only took me two weeks!” – pipe down. That’s FANTASTIC for you, but frankly, I don’t really care.


Having to deal with your mum or dad having panic attacks in the passenger seat…



They say having your friends in the passenger or back seat can be a huge distraction – obviously they haven’t had to deal with a hyperventilating parent beside you…

Parents! Click here to read our tips on supervising a learner driver


Internally screaming when you can spot someone getting a little too close to you in your rear-view mirror.



Just one word we have for this one: WHY?


Carrying out observations even if you’re in the passenger seat of someone else’s car.



For some reason you find your head moving from side to side when approaching junctions even if you’re not driving. Now you’ll always be looking for hazards!


Fantasising about all of the places you’ll go to once you’ve passed your test.



Did someone say road trip?! McFlurries whenever you want? SIGN. ME. UP.


Feeling like an absolute boss after a driving lesson that went well.




Occasionally you’ll have a great driving lesson where you actually feel like a real-life driver. Nothing beats that feeling, welcome to freedom.


Hopefully you’ve realised all learners go through similar experiences when learning to drive. The most important thing to remember is that you’ll make mistakes, but you’ll learn from them.

When you’ve got your pink licence, it’ll make it all worth it.

If you’re still learning, click here to get learner driver insurance.

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