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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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5 Gadgets For Young Drivers To Help Avoid Insurance Claims

5 Gadgets For Young Drivers To Help Avoid Insurance Claims
George Trout
  • On October 19, 2016

With over 35 million vehicles on UK roads it’s worth taking every precaution to stay as safe as possible. It is very important for young drivers to start building up their no-claims history and here are 5 car gadgets that may be worth investing in to avoid a future insurance claim.

1) Telematics devices

car engine with telematics attached

What is this?

A Telematics device records and rates the safety of your driving. It can alert you when you’re showing signs of unsafe driving.

Reducing insurance claims with Telematics

Whether this is a professionally installed device put in by an insurance company or an app you’ve downloaded to your phone, Telematics can alert you are driving unsafely (speeding, braking too hard, accelerating to quickly). By delving deeper into what aspects of your driving are being recorded as dangerous the information can help you improve your driving and make you less likely to have an accident in future. If you’ve had a device installed by an insurance company you may also see a drop in your next insurance premium at renewal, as they will take note of your safe driving habits and reward you accordingly.


2) Dashboard cameras

an in car camera inside a car

What is this?

Dashboard cameras are used, depending on which ones you get, to record footage on the inside and / or on the outside of the car.

Reducing insurance claims with a dashboard camera

Not just useful for those times you are involved in an accident and want to prove you were not at fault, the footage can also be used for great self-reflection. Watch the footage back and see where you made a mistake and correct it on future drives.


3) Panoramic Rear-view Mirrors

What is this?

A Panoramic car mirror is a rear view mirror that allows the driver to see out the rear of the car, including areas normal rear view mirrors would not be able to show.

Reducing insurance claims with a panoramic rear-view mirror

The more visual coverage you can attain whilst driving the better you can see potential hazards. Here are some situations where a panoramic rear-view mirror would help.

  • Somebody overtaking you in your blind spot
  • A pedestrian walking by just out of your line of vision
  • The distance being kept by other drivers in multiple lanes


4) Mobile Restriction Software

Iphone - young driver gadgets - blog

What is this?

There are a number of apps that can be installed onto a smart phone that deal with incoming calls, texts and social messages, so a driver doesn’t get distracted whilst driving. here are 3 services currently available for download on the Google play app store: Drive

Reducing insurance claims with a mobile restriction software

We’ve covered in many articles in the past the dangers of texting whilst driving. Limiting the distraction of incoming calls, texts and social media messages will lower the risk of a young driver responding to messages whilst driving.


5) Head Set Alarms

What is this?

These headsets attach to the user’s ear whilst driving. When the driver’s head begins to tilt, suggesting the driver is starting to fall asleep, an alarm sounds waking the driver up.

Reducing insurance claims with an head set alarms

Some people forget that driving tired is actually a very dangerous thing to do; it’s even recommended in the highway code to have regular breaks to prevent driver fatigue. These alarms may stop you from inadvertently loosing focus. If the alarm goes off regularly you can take that as a sign you definitely need a break.

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