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InsureLearnerDriver | March 31, 2020

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5 places to go this winter to spice up your private practice

5 places to go this winter to spice up your private practice
Tina Playle
  • On November 14, 2018

We’re sure that learner drivers all around the country are rushing to pass their test before the end of the year.  In order to increase your chances of passing, you’ll need to get on the roads outside of your driving lessons. This is also known as private practice.

Miserable weather and limited daylight can make driving in winter a drag. But we’ve listed a few ideas of how to make it a little more fun.


Pumpkin spice lattes


If you’re basic and proud like us, you’ll be happy to know there are drive-thru coffee establishments out there now!

So, grab your car keys (and your willing supervising driver) and make your way towards those limited-edition hot chocolates and coffees!


Ice skating



Stuck for somewhere to drive to during your private practice? Why not head to the ice rink? Combat your winter blues with the cheer of watching your mates fall flat on their bums!


Pick out a Christmas tree



Do your parents a favour this year by offering to drive them to pick out the Christmas tree!

As well as brushing up on your private practice, you’ll be practising your car Tetris skills when loading up the tree!


Christmas shopping



Black Friday is fast approaching, so it’s the perfect opportunity to do some Christmas shopping (or you can just treat yourself – it’s been a long year).

Drive yourself and some fellow bargain hunters towards those sweet deals!


Visit a local winter market



There’s nothing that will get you in the festive mood than a winter market. The smells, the lights, the Christmas music. There will be winter markets all round the UK, so grab your friends or family and make the most of it!


Private practice doesn’t have to be just driving around your local block with your parents. Any journey where you’re behind the wheel allows you to gain driving experience.

Driving to new places will not only prepare you for your driving test, but for after the test too!

If you’re insured with InsureLearnerDriver as a learner – all you’ll need is a supervising driver in the passenger seat that matches our acceptance criteria. Then you can go on your way!

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