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InsureLearnerDriver | May 26, 2020

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5 reasons to pass your driving test in 2019!

5 reasons to pass your driving test in 2019!
Tina Playle
  • On January 3, 2019

It’s the start of a new year, which means new goals and resolutions!

One of the most common resolutions for people is to pass the driving test once and for all! But as the year goes on, it can get harder to stick to  resolutions. So, we wanted to give the best reasons for sticking to this one!


Kiss goodbye to public transport


We know that public transport isn’t all bad. It’s sometimes efficient and can be a cheaper way of getting from A to B. But perhaps you’ve had one too many late trains, or an armpit of a sweaty stranger thrust upon your face on the commute.

Perhaps 2019 is the time to hang up the ol’ bus pass and pick up the car keys!


More job opportunities



The new year brings a chance to change. By passing your driving test in 2019, you’re encountering all kinds of new-found freedom. You might even land a new job in a place you would never have managed to get to on public transport!


Amp up your social life



Got a mate you haven’t seen in ages? No problem. Pop in your car and get to them in no time. Make some new memories!


Get away more



We’re not sure about you but we already feel like we need a holiday… With a car, you don’t have to get on a plane to experience a change of scenery. Get your mates or that special someone to join you for a weekend away!


Drive-thru heaven



Another reason to pass your driving test in 2019 is to put the “drive” in “drive-thru”. Yup, the world would be your oyster (or Big Mac, whatever your preference).

If you are planning to pass your driving test in 2019, make sure to get in some private practice outside of your driving lessons. You can get that with us from just £8.48 per day. *

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