5 Little Things You Can Do to Help You Pass Your Driving Test

When it comes to learning to drive, you want to do anything that increases your chances of passing. Nobody likes to fail, although it can sometimes be a part of the experience. Here are some no-hassle tips for you to increase your chances of passing your driving test!


Watch Videos Online


A great way to revise the information you’ve learnt in your driving lessons, in the comfort of your own home, is to watch YouTube videos.

There are a whole host of informative videos made by driving instructors out there, which are a wonderful way to revise before your driving test. See just a few of our recommendations below!

World Driving YouTube Channel

Learn to Drive Travis YouTube Channel 

1st Drive YouTube Channel


Observe Other Drivers


There are little things you can do in your everyday routine that could improve your driving skills, such as simply watching other drivers as a passenger.

Next time you’re in the car with a parent or family friend, just take note of their observations and reactions to different situations. Obviously, be sure to take note from a more experienced driver (your mate who just passed his test may not be the best choice).


Read the Highway Code


If you like to wind down with a book during the evening, why not just flick through a copy of the highway code once in a while? There are some great tips you can pick up here, not only for your driving test, but for when you pass too!

Not into books? No problem, they have an app and share regular tips on their Twitter page.

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Private Practice


One of the best ways to revise for your driving test, is to get out there and face it head on by getting some private practice in. Whether you already have your own car or need to borrow a family member’s, with InsureLearnerDriver you can squeeze in practice whenever it suits you. We have policies that range from just 1 day to a whole year.

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Mock Driving Test


Before you take your driving test, we highly recommend that you run through a mock driving test with your driving test. This is a great way to calm those nerves by running through exactly what to expect from the driving test. By doing this a few times, you can also pin point exactly what part of the driving test you struggle with and continue to work on it with your instructor.

These are just a few ways that can help your chances of passing your driving test, but remember, failing is a perfectly normal part of the process for many learner drivers, so don’t dwell on it too much.

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