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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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8 Driving Test Myths Busted

8 Driving Test Myths Busted
Paul Daly

If you are almost ready to take your driving test you may have heard a few driving test myths. However don’t let yourself get even more worked up because none of these 8 are actually true!

Driving Test Myth 1. If you move your mirrors the instructor will not fault your mirror checking

Examiners are trained to monitor your eye movements. Notice that little mirror they have on their side of the car? –yep this is what that’s for. So remember, exaggerating looking into your mirrors in a theatrical way, they can see through and it may only work in distracting you from what matters.

Driving Test Myth 2. If you get an examiner with a bad reputation for being nit-picky – you are not going to pass your driving test

Every examiner has to be within 5% of their centre pass rate and 10% of the national pass rate or they are likely to be investigated.

Driving Test Myth 3. You can bribe your instructor

Wishful thinking but bribes won’t work.

Driving Test Myth 4. Don’t book your test for a Friday – this will reduce your chance of passing

Some people say that examiners have a certain amount of learners that they can pass each week and if it comes to Friday and they have passed too many – you won’t pass. Don’t worry, this is not true. So why not book your test on Friday and then if you pass you’ll have the weekend to celebrate!

Driving Test Myth 5. Boys pass faster than girls

We admit the average pass rate is a fraction higher for boys but this doesn’t mean that boys will always pass faster. Everyone has an equal chance of passing, all depending on how much practice they put in and their performance on the day of their test.

Driving Test Myth 6. Crash driving courses mean you are guaranteed to pass

Squeezing as much practice as you can in before you test is really important. However, too much practice over the course of a week can actually affect your driving skills. You may miss things out in a haze and once you have passed your test you may not be as confident in driving.

Driving Test Myth 7. The theory test is just common sense. You’ll be fine not to revise

The theory test can be alien to someone who has not revised; road signs, speed limits etc. are not something which a learner driver usually has naturally stored in their mind. So make sure you revise a sufficient amount before your test and don’t just assume that it is common sense.

Driving Test Myth 8. If you stall at all in your test you wont pass

As long as you recover the stall in an appropriate and controlled manor, this shouldn’t be considered a major fault. However if you are stalling very frequently it may be worth considering if you are ready for your test.


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