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InsureLearnerDriver | December 6, 2019

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8 Things You’ll Go Through With Your Driving Instructor

8 Things You’ll Go Through With Your Driving Instructor
Paul Daly

However long you have been having lessons with your driving instructor these things are bound to happen once!

1. When you’re having a great time but they aren’t.

ross and phoebe in the car - friends


2. When you have to pull over and discuss something you just did wrong.

man rolls head back in frustration


3. When you accidentally damage your instructors alloy wheels.

animated girl looks up saddened


4. When your instructor suggests that you should find another instructor because of a lack of progress.

dewy hits himself -malcolm in the middle


5. When you find that testing your driving instructors patience makes your driving lessons that little bit funner.

young male slams the wheel of his car


6.  When the diagrams that your driving instructor uses to explain a manoeuvre come out – which you’ll just never understand.

woody looks puzzled - toy story


7. When you have to pay the instructor at the end of a lesson.

young female cries on the wheel of her car


8. When you inappropriately hug your driving instructor for too long after you pass your test.

man uncomfortably comforts man crying on his shouler


To get extra practice on top of your driving lessons, get a quote for some learner driver insurance online today. Extra private practice can help to increase your confidence and driving ability for both before and after your driving test. It is recommended that you have 22 hours of private practice but it is up to you how long you get covered for. From one day to one year, whether you top up as you need it or get covered for your target number of days/months until you pass, it is up to you.

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