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InsureLearnerDriver | May 21, 2019

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8 Irritating Thoughts During Your Driving Test

8 Irritating Thoughts During Your Driving Test
Paul Daly

The day of your driving test is one of the most important days of your life, so here’s what to expect – good luck!




1. Neeeeeed brain fuel, need to be alert… 

Driving test breakfastSource:


2. What to wear, job interview attire? Laid back and friendly? First impressions count!

Regina George - mean girls - holes in her top showing braSource:


3. It’s time to leave the house…

doctor who speaking - gifSource:


4. You’ve left the house, this is it! you’re raring to go!

baby shaking, excited, in black and whiteSource:


5. No wait…that’s a lie. You’ve arrived and terror kicks in

animation of caterpillar screaming - a bugs lifeSource:


6. Your waiting to be called…

chipmunk darting eyes back and forth - alvin and the chipmunksSource:


7. What will your driving test examiner be like. Not the stern looking women, please not her, oh no she’s walking towards you

jonah hill panting - super badSource:


8. Your in the driving test, everything’s going your way, this is actually alright – what were you worried about!

Richard Hammond exclaiming that he is a driving god, inside a carSource:

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