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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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A Look One Of The UK’s Hardest Driving Test Routes

A Look One Of The UK’s Hardest Driving Test Routes
George Trout
  • On August 23, 2016

To help our customers prepare for their driving test we thought we’d walk you through a test route recorded as one of the most difficult in the UK. In 2013, Belvedere London had the lowest pass rate in the country. 67.8% of those who took their test in Belvedere failed.

We will be dissecting a common test route conducted at the Belvedere test centre and highlighting some of the key hazards that may catch out learners on this route, causing them to either get a minor fault or out right fail their test.

Hazard Spotting on Belvedere Driving Test Route

Busy Junctions: e.g. This junction at the End of Westergate Road is near a school. Young children may suddenly appear.

Tight roads: e.g. Brook Street. Be aware of emerging pedestrians and passing parked cars on tight roads. 

Busy Roundabouts: e.g. the roundabout leading onto Bexley Road. This roundabout is next to a pub and a zebra crossing. Be aware of crossing pedestrians and / or intoxicated ones.

Slip Road Exits: e.g. the one by the A220 that leads onto a roundabout. Cars may approach the roundabout at speed. 

High Speed A-Roads: e.g. the A2016, a 50 mph road. Making a poor decision or lapsing in concentration here could be very costly.

Busy Pedestrian Crossings: e.g. the one near Harrow Manor Way, which appears just after a busy roundabout. 

Having a look at one of the UK’s most challenging test routes is very valuable. By seeing these difficulties for yourself you can better recognise them when they appear on your own test.

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