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InsureLearnerDriver | April 24, 2019

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Am I Ready for Motorway Driving Lessons?

Am I Ready for Motorway Driving Lessons?
Tina Playle
  • On June 14, 2018

From the 4th of June this year, the law changed allowing learner drivers to have motorway driving lessons? But how do you know you’re ready for them?

Even though driving on the motorway isn’t part of the official driving test, there are multiple benefits to getting involved in motorway driving lessons.

The main one being that it prepares you to drive when you’ve passed your driving test. We don’t need to bore you with yet more statistics that show young drivers are involved in the majority of road accidents – but preparing yourself before you pass your driving test is the key to being a safe driver.

Driving on the motorway for the first time can be intimidating, so why not have a professional next to you to guide you through it?


What the law says about motorway driving lessons?

If you’re planning on getting in on these motorway driving lessons whilst you’re learning to drive, these are the few requirements you need to keep in mind…

Learner drivers will need to be:

  • Accompanied by an approved driving instructor
  • Driving a car fitted with dual controls & clearly displayed L-plates

This means you cannot drive on the motorway outside of driving lessons.

motorway lessons

Discuss with your driving instructor

It’s important to know that it will be up to your own driving instructor to decide whether you’re ready for motorway lessons.

In some cases, you might not even have easy access to a motorway. This is exactly why motorway driving lessons are not a compulsory part of the driving test.

Assess your own situation and consult your driving instructor to see if motorway driving lessons are worth it.


What to remember when out on the roads

During your motorway driving lesson, you’ll need to master the ability to control a car at higher speeds, your awareness, general hazard perception and planning skills. These are skills you should have touched on whilst driving on dual carriageways.

More skills you can expect to pick up through motorway lessons:

  • How to join and leave the motorway
  • Overtaking at high speeds
  • Using different lanes correctly
  • Understanding specific traffic signs

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It’s always good to brush up on your knowledge of A roads and B roads until you feel you’re ready for motorway driving lessons.

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