Can I Supervise a Learner Driver?

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At InsureLearnerDriver, we promote private driving practice is a fundamental part of learning to drive. It allows learner drivers to gain experience on the roads, in their own time, whilst supervised by driver with a full license.

This means you can get driving with the help of a family member or a friend. But before you embark on your private practice, we thought we’d discuss the full requirements of an accompanying driver.

What the Law Says About Being an Accompanying Driver

The law states that all learner drivers in the UK must be supervised when they’re learning to drive a car, either by a qualified driving instructor or someone who meets the legal requirements.

To supervise a learner driver whilst they learn, you must:

However, if you have a policy with InsureLearnerDriver, we have a couple of more rules. We require accompanying drivers who are supervising learner drivers with our policies to be aged between 25 and 72.

More Tips About Supervising a Learner Driver

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Learner Driver Insurance

Private practice is a brilliant way to make new drivers come to terms with being on the road. It can also be a lot of fun! To find out more about the ways learner driver insurance can benefit learner drivers in terms of gaining experience and saving money, click here to read our previous blog post.

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