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InsureLearnerDriver | February 18, 2019

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Christmas Jobs Done & Dusted With Learner Driver Insurance

Christmas Jobs Done & Dusted With Learner Driver Insurance
George Trout
  • On December 7, 2016

It’s December folks and you know what that means? It’s Christmas and wouldn’t it be a jolly holiday if you passed your driving test too? But amongst the madness of the Christmas season where do you find the time to practice?

With your learner driver insurance policy you can both get in your driving practice and get all your Christmas bits and bobs done.

Doing the Christmas shopping

Left your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Looks like you’ll need to rush down to your nearest shopping centre to get those important gifts. But why not make a day of it? Take mum or dad along and you can offer to drive. Even better you may be able to drop them a few gift ideas on the way.


Christmas food shopping

What is Christmas if not an opportunity to to pig out on all the tasty treats you can get your hands on? You’ll also want to make sure your favourite snacks and dinner accompaniments are there too. If you’re the one who drives to the supermarket you can ensure everything is purchased and ready for your stomach come the big day. Also, packed car parks provide a good challenge for those who are confident with their bay parking skills.


Getting the tree

Whether you like real fern or want a long lasting plastic tree you’ll need a car to transport it. Take the opportunity to drive to pick up the tree; you can then zoom off to do that Christmas present shopping.


Pick up a relative

The whole family likes to gather for Christmas, but of course your whole family don’t all live together, family are scattered across the country. Additionally, not everyone can drive and it takes a committed driver to gather them. Be that committed driver as no one should miss out on the festivities.


Christmas festivities

Christmas is a world wide phenomenon and you’d find it hard to go anywhere where nothing is being done in celebration of it; festivals, parties, markets, gatherings, all of these things that you could drive everyone to.

There are plenty of opportunities over December to make the most of your learner driver insurance policy. Not only that but it can be a massive help to you, your parents, and your friends to have another driver available.

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