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InsureLearnerDriver | July 24, 2019

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8 Things, Unimportant When Driving Home For Christmas

8 Things, Unimportant When Driving Home For Christmas
Paul Daly

Even though you may be a learner driver you can’t beat putting Chris Rea, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ on and…well driving home (even if you are just driving back from your driving lesson or a few miles up the road from practice).

The Christmas lights, the festive spirit and the realisation that you have a few days of purely eating, opening presents and watching Christmas films is enough to be blissfully unfazed by some of the things that usually really frustrate you during your driving practice, like…

1. Sitting in traffic

red hair girl acting bored

2. The fact that you keep stalling

man rubbing hands on face

3. Other drivers tailgating you because you have a car covered in L plates

close up of scary face saying 'fresh meat'

4. The fact you have your driving instructor or a nagging family member in your passenger seat panicking you

dad and daughter freaking out in the car

5. When you let other drivers go and they don’t say thank you

brown haired girl gasping

6. When you happen to stop when passing a group of people you know in your learner’s car

judge covering up face with cardigan

7. You’re approaching that big scary roundabout you always dread

fat man driving laughing and stopping to look scared

8. The fact you are now lost, but hey it’s Christmas!

animation of boy holding golden tickets with the words believe on them

For a little Christmas practice in somebody else’s car before your driving test get a quote now. 

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