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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Driving This Halloween? Beware These Urban Legends

Driving This Halloween? Beware These Urban Legends
George Trout
  • On October 29, 2016

Drivers beware, you’re in for a scare. No your driving test hasn’t been cancelled, we wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Halloween is soon approaching and in anticipation we thought we’d get into the ‘spirit’ and let our little demonic learner drivers in on some of Britain’s spookiest urban legends you could aimlessly pass by.

So, if you’re brave enough to go out driving for a Halloween inspired road trip, don’t be surprised if you run into some of these spooky spectres or gruesome ghouls. At the very least you might see a killer clown or two.

THE SUICIDE POOL – Epping Forest

Usually a lovely tranquil forest where people spend the day leisurely walking their pets, getting some fresh air, enjoying the sun on a nice day. But when the night comes, the tale of the suicide pool comes to life.

The story goes two young lovers, against the best wishes of the girl’s father, entered the forest one evening for a night of romance. The father followed the two and confronted them. In a fit of rage the father murdered them both. Soon after the the incident the waters started to turn black as coal and the wildlife around the park began dying.

Rumours have circulated of people being found dead next to the pool, but the actual location of the suicide pool remains a mystery. This means anyone could walk or drive pass the site. Is the suicide pool just a  story, or are the spirits of the two angered lovers actually seeking the lives of those who wander too close?


birds eye view photo of cane hill hospital chapel

Img via Chris Allen

In the lively borough of Croydon sits a silently sleeping hospital, abandoned, or so you’d think.

During World War 1 this psychiatric hospital looked after a number of mentally ill patients, some of which legends say never left. It was Demolished in 2008 and taken hold of by a freak fire in 2010. A few brave people have entered the derelict site since. They say that the souls of past patients still wonder what remains of the hospital.

Be aware those driving around the Coulston area. Though you might think you’re going mad if you see someone standing outside the hospital, keep in mind they won’t think the same thing when they’re staring back at you!

THE BEAST – Hackney Marshes

Long grass in Hackney Marshes

Img via Derek Harper

When you think of Hackney what comes to mind? Perhaps the energetic Broadway Market, or the decorative and iconic Sutton House, little do you know there is a beast lurking in the marshes.

The legend started in the 1980s, two bear carcasses we’re found near Lea River, they we’re decapitated and left to rot. This peculiar act of animal violence was ignored but a year later two boys, on one chilly winter’s evening, stumbled across something strange. Large tracks left behind by an animal were found again near the river. They followed the track only to find a great snarling beast. The beast supposedly walked on its hind legs and howled an incredulous deep roar. The boys fled and when they later returned with the police there was no sign of the beast. Was this just two boys imagination or is the beast still running wild?

We just hope if you find yourself turning the road in Hackney this Halloween, you keep an eye out for not only pedestrians but also your life.


image of highgate cemetery

Crumbling and overrun with unkempt vegetation, Highgate cemetery is the ideal spot for a haunting tale.

In 1969 a ghostly figure was reported skulking through the cemetery. Sightings continued and soon locals began to march on the cemetery looking for what they believed to be a vampire. Some believe it is the result of Satanists trying to erect demons, some believe that the Highgate vampire is just an entity who likes to keep an eye over those he’s preyed on in the past.

Driving this Halloween is for the brave and bold

If you’re driving this Halloween be wary as the trouble with vampires is that you not only have to keep your eyes peeled on the ground but in the sky too. In case they’ve transformed into a bat and are circling your car waiting for a moment to strike.

We hope that you are still able to sleep easy tonight. Perhaps you should do extra practice before Halloween. We wouldn’t want you falling victim to the monsters prowling the night.

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