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InsureLearnerDriver | July 9, 2020

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Eco-friendly Driving for Learner Drivers

Eco-friendly Driving for Learner Drivers
George Trout
  • On February 21, 2017

The car market is pushing towards more eco-friendly cars. As a result, it’s worth understanding ways in learner drivers, can approach their own driving style to be more eco-friendly.


Learner Drivers Practising Eco-friendly Driving

Using a learner driver insurance policy to practise these techniques will not only make private practice more fuel efficient and cheaper, it will also instil good driving values for the future.

Here are some great ways learner drivers can drive eco-friendlier.

eco-friendly driving for learner drivers

  • Going above the speed limit is against the law. Also, in general, the faster a car is driven the harder the engine works. Maintaining a speed at (or just below) the speed limit reduces the amount the engine works. This will reduce the speed in which fuel is burnt (please note that by going ‘too slow’ a driver can become a hazard to other road users).
  • Using electrics, like air-conditioning, can put extra strain on the car’s alternator, In turn, this requires the engine to work harder. This can lead to increased fuel consumption.
  • An idling car uses fuel, even though the driver is not actually making progress. Avoid traffic when possible by driving outside of peak hours.
  • Under inflated tyres can cause a car to suffer from drag, increasing the fuel consumption.
  • The more weight in the car, the more fuel is needed to move a car. Avoid transporting unnecessary weight when driving.

If you’re using a learner driver insurance policy to borrow somebody else’s car; by driving eco-friendlier, you’ll avoid needlessly wasting their fuel. If you own the vehicle, you’ll save money on having to fill up your tank by driving eco-friendlier.

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