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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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How Long Do I Need Learner Driver Insurance For?

How Long Do I Need Learner Driver Insurance For?
George Trout
  • On June 9, 2016

When people approach their own insurance company to inquire about Leaner’s Insurance, they are usually given one of two answers. Either ‘We don’t cover Learners’ or ‘You can get an annual policy’. An Annual Learner’s policy might not suit every learner, so it can be a bit frustrating to think that this is the only option.

Our temporary policies tackle this issue as the customer can choose how long they want to receive their cover. One customer reviewed our service, saying…

“so pleased at flexibility, cost and ease of setting this policy up – would recommend” Read Wendy’s full review here.

InsureLearnerDriver provides cover from as short as 1 day to as long as 365 days, with each policy length having its own advantages to the policy holder.

Here are a few examples of when a learner driver might take out a certain policy length.


1 Day Learner Driver Insurance policy

You haven’t planned anything for the afternoon, but the sun is out and staying indoors is just not an option. Your parent has the afternoon free too, so you both decide to go out for a drive. In fact, you do the driving, that way you both enjoy the sun and you get some valuable practice in too.


1 Week Learner Driver Insurance policy

Your test is fast approaching and you want to practice, but the times your instructor is available aren’t convenient for you. That’s alright, you’ve learnt enough with your instructor; you can just spend your last few days practising with private practice. With a week’s policy, you have 7 days to do just that.

3 Month Learner Driver Insurance policy

You’ve just started your lessons, but don’t feel an instant connection with your instructor. Professional lessons may not best way you learn. Or maybe you have a goal in mind – you’re determined to pass before starting University! Either way, with 3 months of cover you can do the majority of your practice with someone you know and you feel comfortable with, leaving the more technical skills and safety procedures to be done with a professional ADI.


6 Month Learner Driver Insurance policy

You’ve just started University and learning to drive at the same time. You’re going to take your test back home but don’t want your driving skills to drop off during your studies. With 6 months of cover, you can pop back home when you feel like it, get a little bit TLC from your parents and do some driving practice without having to worry about getting cover sorted again.


Annual Learner Driver Insurance policy

You know what you want and you’re looking towards the future. You understand that with an Annual Learner policy you can start building up a no-claims bonus. When you pass and it’s time for you to get your full licence insurance policy, you’ll have already been working towards your discounts. InsureLearnerDriver can offer these kinds of customers this exact advantage.

Whether you’re the learner who just wants a few cheeky practice hours in the sun this summer or the type that’s planning towards the future, InsureLearnerDriver can offer all lengths of Learner Driver Insurance policies.

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