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InsureLearnerDriver | May 26, 2020

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How many driving lessons will I need to pass?

How many driving lessons will I need to pass?
Tina Playle
  • On May 17, 2019

It’s the million dollar question: how many driving lessons do I actually need to pass my driving test?

We’ve decided to check in with the professionals at Anglia School of Motoring to find out their answer.*

How many driving lessons will I need to pass?

Every human being is different, each one of us learns a skill at a different pace. “Yes, I know, but how many driving lessons will I need?” a learner will ask again. There is no magic number and you might as well ask “how long is a piece of string?”

The simple answer is – it really doesn’t matter how many driving lessons you take. Learning to drive is something that cannot be done in a few hours or crammed in a few days.

Some learners may pass quicker, and others may require more practice. According to Driving Standards records the worst offender is a man from Stoke on Trent who failed his driving test 36 times before passing on his 37th attempt. Everybody is different. One lady from Southwark has failed the theory test 110 times. Nobody can guarantee you a first-time pass.



What is the national average amount of lessons?

In 2007, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency reported a national average of 45 hours in driving lessons plus at least 22 hours driving practice with a family member.

This is likely to cost between £1000 and £1,500 plus the cost of exams and study material. Driving lessons are not cheap, however, there are ways of reducing the cost without compromising your safety.


Reduce the cost of your driving lessons

You might cover the same thing a number of times during your driving lessons. That’s why you should take private practice so you can dramatically reduce repetitiveness and move onto something new. You are statistically more likely to pass your test sooner if you take regular private practice.

How InsureLearnerDriver does learner insurance differently

InsureLearnerDriver provides short-term insurance for private practice that can be bought instantly online.


Choosing the right driving instructor

When booking your first driving lesson it is crucial you ask your instructor what their pass rate is. If their pass rate is between 45% and 65% you know will be getting a good instructor.

You want a driving instructor who is confident.

If they are in high demand, they won’t haggle over price so don’t take it personally. Students pay their price because their experience is worth every penny.

When deciding on a driving instructor, always ask “why should you choose them over anybody else?”


Other questions to ask driving instructors

“What is their instructor grade?”  Grade A is the top mark but grade B is also fine. Some instructors don’t reach the required standard and fail their check test. They are given two more attempts and if they fail all three, they are then struck off the Approved Driving Instructors register. 

“How long have they been a driving instructor?”

“Is it one-to-one tuition? This is a lesson with just the learner driver and the instructor. There are no other learner drivers sitting in the back.”

“Do they offer help with the theory test?”

“Do they offer door-to-door service?”

“Do they know the test routes?”

“Will you be driving just on the test routes or will you be given an opportunity to drive in other areas?” For example, will you be driving around a big city or town centre when your instructor feels you are ready?

Ask yourself after each lesson whether you feel you had value for money? Avoid instructors who don’t give you their full attention. They should not be texting or talking on the phone whilst you are driving.


The number of lessons does not trend

Albert Einstein never learned to drive saying it was far too complicated. Based on DVSA figures reported by the Independent, a senior mathematician at Edinburgh failed so many times, it became an obsession to pass. Even stars like Mariah Carey have reportedly failed their driving tests multiple times.

Money, gender and intelligence are not indicators of driving test success. There is no trend. The number of required driving lessons is purely dependent on the person and their approach to learning.

Learning to drive should be taken seriously and at the same time, it should be enjoyable and fun. The main objective is to be a safe driver for life after you have passed each driving test. The number and ratio of new drivers involved in car accidents are enough to highlight the importance of learning to drive correctly and sufficiently before you start driving on your own.


We would like to thank those at Anglia School of motoring for their great advice!

Anglia School of Motoring is a family run driving school that offers both qualified female and male instructors. They also update their blog with regular content and videos to help learner drivers!

It is important to remember, there is no magic number when it comes to driving lessons. All you can do is ensure you have a driving instructor who is suited to you and that you pass the test as a safe driver.

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*The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors.

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