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InsureLearnerDriver | May 28, 2020

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Insurance Companies to Charge More for Shorter Drivers

Insurance Companies to Charge More for Shorter Drivers
Tina Playle
  • On March 31, 2017

It has been announced that from January 2018, all UK Car Insurance companies must consider the height of the main driver as a material fact when it comes to calculating the price of insurance premiums.

Drivers hoping to take out an insurance policy from January 2018, will need to state their height measurement. Underwriters will use this information to consider whether their height is a risk. It is possible that those who fall short of the appropriate height may be paying more for their cover.

The decision followed recent research by the ASLC (Against Short Legs Committee). They found that drivers who happened to be under 5ft and 5 inches, found it more difficult to reach the pedals in a car, making it more difficult for them to react quickly in a hazardous situation.

They implied that this may lead to an increased likelihood of their claim, meaning that increasing the price of their car insurance premiums would be appropriate.

Members of the public have spoken about the upcoming change, mostly outraged at the news. One man, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that those under a certain height are “tired of being overlooked by society” and was surprised at how insurance companies could “stoop so low”.

But don’t worry, InsureLearnerDriver have devised a great way that could help you avoid those extra charges by the time 2018 comes around.


By hanging upside down for at least an hour a day, you could potentially stretch your height enough over time. Keep your height high and your insurance premiums low!

We will keep you updated on this story but for now, enjoy the rest of your April Fools Day!




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