Why You Should be Using InsureLearnerDriver – According to our Customers

Here at InsureLearnerDriver, we pride ourselves on our efficient service and flexible policies.

We’re always excited to spread the word of our policies for learner drivers, but this time we’re going to let our own customers take the lead and let them explain the best parts of our policies through their InsureLearnerDriver reviews.

All the following opinions are taken from our TrustPilot review page.


1) We’re extremely competitive on price

InsureLearnerDriver are constantly striving to remain competitive when it comes to learner driver insurance, which means that our prices always stay as low as they can possibly be. We believe that private practice should be accessible for everyone, which is why our policy lengths are flexible as well as the prices.

2) A great alternative to being added onto the parent’s main policy

A huge advantage to using learner driver insurance is that our customers can avoid modifying their parent’s main policy. This means that the entire process is made easier since the policy is separate. The owner of the car, that the learner is borrowing from, doesn’t have to worry about their No Claims Bonus being affected if a claim occurs.

3) Getting short term learner insurance can be done instantly online

We’ve made a huge effort to streamline the process of getting learner driver insurance, and one of the main ways that we have done that is with our website. You can get a quote, buy online and start driving straight away. Many of our customers have complimented how quick and easy the process is!

4) Pay for the period of cover you use

With InsureLearnerDriver’s short term policies, you can easily cover your car for the periods of time you are actually practising for. Perhaps you only have the chance to practice for one day, you can take out a policy for that long. Don’t lock yourself into an unnecessarily long policy, which some companies may push you into. Also, you can easily come back and insure yourself for another day when the time suits you.

5) We have no hidden charges

Our main aim is to get learner drivers out on the roads so they can practice their driving in the easiest way possible. We don’t need anything else from you, and that’s why our customers will return to our site to purchase again!

6) Our acceptance criteria is accommodating

As we have previously said, one of our key values is to provide learner driver insurance to everyone that we can. We’ve made our acceptance criteria as accommodating as possible so that as many learners can practice their driving.

7) Our policies are great value for money

We understand that learning to drive may not be the cheapest thing in the world, so we highly advise taking out a learner driver policy to accompany your driving lessons. Private practice is a great way to keep the information you learn in your lessons fresh, leaving more time to learn new things with your driving instructor and avoid recapping.

8) Our customer service team makes it easy to renew your policy

At InsureLearnerDriver, we have a great customer service team on hand to help with your policy. We are here to help with enquiries, renewals and even extensive help for changing your policy to a full licence policy.

We always use our customer’s reviews as a way to keep our service to a high standard for learner drivers or their parents. Want to see how simple it is to become an InsureLearnerDriver customer?


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