It’s Easier Than You Think to Get Learner Driver Insurance as an Owner

When you own your car as a learner driver, you have the chance to get to know your car before passing your driving test. This means there might be less surprises once you’re on the road with your full licence.

Now we know that the costs of learning to drive are high, without the added expense of owning a car, but owning a car as a learner could be cost effective. In addition to your driving lessons, being able to practice in your own car gives you the chance for all that information you learnt to actually sink in. This reduces the amount of time in your lessons spent recapping what you’ve already learnt.

With InsureLearnerDriver, you can either get a short-term policy or an annual policy. Read on to find out which one would suit you best!

Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance as an Owner

InsureLearnerDriver offer short-term cover from 28 days to 140 days for owners. This gives you the freedom to practice at your own convenience. The vehicle will also have comprehensive cover under your own name.

The best thing about buying short-term learner driver insurance, as an owner, is that you can purchase online and have your insurance documents sent to you via email! It couldn’t be simpler.


Annual Learner Driver Insurance as an Owner

Our annual learner driver insurance policies give you the freedom to practice your driving in your own car at your own pace.

With InsureLearnerDriver annual (owner) learner driver insurance, you could start building your no claims bonus before you’ve even passed your driving test! Any opportunity to start earning your no claims bonus could be hugely beneficial to your future insurance policies.

Additionally, if you pass your driving test during the annual policy period, our team will get in touch and help discuss your options open to you.

What’s Covered When You Buy Learner Driver Insurance as an Owner?

All of our policies at InsureLearnerDriver offer comprehensive cover. This means you’re covered for:

Interested in Owner Learner Driver Insurance?

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