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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Week May 2016 – How to benefit

‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Week May 2016 – How to benefit
George Trout
  • On April 20, 2016

‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Week. A week long event running from the 16th – 22nd May.

During this week, InsureLearnerDriver asks people to take the time to get in the car with Mum or Dad and have a driving lesson.

Though it is important to practice with an instructor, there are definite advantages to learning with a parent. Below we have listed a few ways both the parents and learner could benefit.


info-graphic showing the beenfits of learning to drive with a parent

  • Learners have the opportunity to learn to drive cheaper than if they only used paid lessons. Additionally, if the parent is generous enough to pay for petrol, the learner will save quite a sum of money.
  • Parents are notorious for worrying about their children’s safety whilst they drive. By being present during their practice, they can observe their progress and put their minds at ease. Additionally, if the parent is a good driver, why not teach them a thing or two.

Test it out for yourself! Get a one day’s insurance policy for the learner – to make sure they are appropriately covered – fill up the car and go for a drive. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished in just a few hours of private practice. And unlike a driving lesson, which may end before the learner really gets into their stride, you can continue driving up until the last drop of petrol – or until your policy ends.

If all goes well – do it again. It is a week long event after all.

InsureLearnerDriver have created a few events over May that are the perfect excuse for learners and their parents to spend the day driving together. These events will test the learner on key driving skills and give parents a chance to observe their kids, pass on their advice and perhaps even be impressed.

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