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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Learning to Drive in Sunny Weather – Our Top Tips!

Learning to Drive in Sunny Weather – Our Top Tips!
Tina Playle
  • On April 18, 2018

After months of doom and gloom it’s finally warming up here in the UK! This means learning to drive just got better. There’s nothing more satisfying than a relaxing drive in the sunshine, just ask anyone with a car!

We’ve provided a few pointers to prepare you whilst you’re learning to drive in sunny weather.

Always have water

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget! When you’re out on a sunny day, it can get pretty hot in a car without air conditioning!

It’s always important to stay hydrated in the hotter weather, no matter what you’re doing. So, make sure you fill your water bottle before learning to drive in the sunny weather!

Prepare for glare

With that gorgeous sunshine, comes a bright glare. Combat this blinding light by investing in a good pair of sunglasses. As a cheeky bonus, you’ll look a little cooler too.

Another thing to remember is that other drivers may be suffering from the same bright glare and won’t be as prepared as you, so make sure to keep a safe distance and stay at a constant speed.

learning to drive sunny weather

Stay aware of hazards

You won’t be the only one who is taking advantage of the warm weather. There will be more motorbikes, horses, tractors and people around. This won’t be a problem if you deal with  all of these things in the right way. Make sure if you’re overtaking, do it with caution and leave a good amount of space for the other person.

Another thing to look out for is more pedestrians around. Kids, teenagers or just non-observant adults can catch you off guard, so the best thing is to be extra vigilant whilst driving!

Take care of your car

As a learner driver, we don’t expect you to know too much about the car under the bonnet. Just make sure your engine coolant, oil and brake fluid are filled to the right level before you set off for a drive. These are all things that you need to know for the driving test anyway, so it’s good practice.

Enjoy yourself

You don’t have to have a full licence to enjoy driving in the sun. Take advantage and use it for an opportunity for a road trip! As long as you have a supervising driver and the right insurance, you’re good to go anywhere!

Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself to your own town to practice your driving.

Here at InsureLearnerDriver, we provide learner insurance for both owners and those in a borrowed car. We offer all kinds of policy lengths at competitive prices online! So, you can purchase cover and get driving straight away.

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