Learning to Drive in the Snow – Is it Safe?

As the infamous #BeastFromTheEast is in full force, we take on a popular query – is learning to drive in the snow safe?

We have previously advised that you should avoid driving in heavy snow all together, even if you consider yourself an experienced driver.

However, there might come a time in the future, that you find yourself in a situation when you must drive in icy or snowy weather, so perhaps flaking on having a driving lesson in these cold conditions isn’t necessary.

What the Professionals Say About Learning to Drive in the Snow

We consulted our driving instructor followers on our Twitter page to see what they’re opinion was on learning to drive in the snow.

So, Should You Brave a Driving Lesson in the Snow?

As the professionals kindly informed us, it all depends on the conditions and driving ability. You and your instructor should make a sensible decision based on that.

If you live in an area with an Amber or Red warning and the Met Office are advising against driving for all motorists – it’s probably best to stay indoors.

But if your instructor thinks you are ready and the conditions aren’t too bad, what better way to experience driving in the snow than with an experienced professional next to you to guide you through it?

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