Learning To Drive Over 30

For some having a driving licence at the age of 30 can be taken for granted, but for those who have never reaped the benefits, it will seem like the finest luxury once achieved. Experiencing that new found independence and simply having the ability to drive to the shops if you need to, will be something you wish you had done sooner. Not forgetting the reassurance that if an emergency was to happen, you are able to take to the wheel and not rely on others for lifts or pay out for cabs.

However, lack of confidence can be an issue for 30 year olds who are learning to drive, with recent figures from the DSA claiming that older learners are less likely to pass as fast as the average 17 year old. So if you are still in the ‘planning’ stages, we hope this will give you that well needed push. If you have already made the ‘learning to drive’ leap, well done and here’s some extra encouragement.

However learning over the age of 30 can…

To squeeze in some extra practice and build up your confidence get a quote now for a learner driver insurance policy.

Update: 26 June 2015:- InsureLearnerDriver cannot cover drivers over 25 who want to practice in their own car. If you are practising in someone else’s car, the age range is 17-40.

Update 3rd May 2018 – At present InsureLearnerDriver cannot cover drivers over 30 on any of our policies.