Learning to Drive: Reverse Around a Corner

Jamie Daly - Mar 29 2022 4:26PM
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Part 14 of the Learning to Drive series, Reverse Around A Corner. We cover our second reversing manoeuvre and how to safely perform it.

Learning to Drive: Reverse Around A Corner

Relevant Situations Narrow Road - the road is too narrow for a turn in the road. Parking - If you intend to park the car on the road you are reversing into.   What To Ensure Before attempting the reverse around a corner, assess: Is The Road Is Clear? - The road you intend to reverse into is clear of traffic. What Type Of Corner Is It? - Some corners are sharper than others, some are wider. A wider corner will require you turn the wheel more gradually, as you reverse. Sharper corners will require you to turn the wheel faster.image showing two types of corners, one long one sharp Do You Have Enough Space? - You should have enough free space to complete the manoeuvre at least 2 car lengths away from the junction.


  • 1) Check the road you intend to reverse into, as you pass it.
  • 2) Pull over alongside the pavement
  • 3) Put the Car In Neutral and Apply the handbrake
  • 4) Thoroughly check for any pedestrians or approaching traffic before moving (wait if any cars or pedestrians appear)
  • 5) Put the car in reverse gear and set the biting point
  • 6) Perform a 6 point check, release the handbrake and start reversing
  • 7) Begin to slowly turn the wheel as you reverse and adjust when necessary
  • 8) Once you've cleared the junction, begin to straighten the wheel and keep reversing
  • 9) Reverse until you are at least 2 car lengths away from the junction and bring the car to a complete stop. Put the car in neutral and apply the handbrake


Check The Road - it's important to check the road you want to reverse into, as you pass it. That way you can judge whether there is enough space for you to complete the manoeuvre.


Put The Car In Reverse Gear - As the name suggests, you will need to remember to put the car in reverse before manoeuvring.  

InsureLearnerDriver HELPFUL TIP

Use the wing mirror to help you assess how sharply you need to turn the wheel and whether or not you are an appropriate distance from the pavement.   See how it should be performed.

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