Learning to Drive: Reverse Bay Park

Jamie Daly - Mar 30 2022 12:45PM
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Part 13 of the Learning to Drive series is the Reverse Bay Park. This manoeuvre can be quite hard for some to achieve.

Learning To Drive: Bay Parking Techniques

P.O.T. (Point Of Turn) To correctly reverse into a bay space, you will need to find your P.O.T. This is the point you begin to turn the wheel, to angle your car into the bay space. P.O.T. varies depending on the turning circle of the car and on the size of the available bay space. Positioning Pull up next to the bay spaces, leaving enough room between you and any parked cars. You should finish the manoeuvre with the vehicle inside the bay space lines, as straight as possible. Try to avoid Pulling forward: on your test, you are allowed to pull forward once without incurring a fault. Pulling forward more than once will incur a fault. Being too far or too close: if you start your P.O.T too far away from the bay space, you may turn too early. If you start your P.O.T too close to the bay space, you may not be able to turn sharply enough. Staring at your wing mirrors: wing mirrors are helpful for reversing manoeuvres, however you should not rely on them. You should be looking out the back of the car. Continuing if there are pedestrians: if a pedestrian appears and looks like they may approach the car, stop. Wait until they pass and then continue.


  • 1) Position the car alongside the parked cars.
  • 2) Do a 6 Point Check and put the car in reverse.
  • 3) Release the handbrake and turn around in your seat, to look out the back.
  • 4) Get your P.O.T and begin to turn the wheel.
  • 5) Adjust your wheel so you can fit the car into the available bay space.
  • 6) Whilst performing the manoeuvre, also check out the front of the car, left and right to spot any passing pedestrians.
  • 7) If you need to pull forward to get a better angle, stop the car, do a 6 point check and pull forward.
  • 8) When appropriate, straighten the wheel.
  • 9) Reverse until the whole car is inside the bay space.
  • 10) Put the car in neutral and apply the handbrake.


Distance from parked cars - Don't just find your P.O.T. Finding an appropriate distance from the parked cars before starting the manoeuvre is just as important.


Finish the manoeuvre straight  - Once your in the bay space, you'll notice if your vehicle is straight or not.

When reversing, to know when to straighten up the wheel, look for when the car is parallel with the bay space in front of you. Watch it done by a professional.
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