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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons?

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons?
Paul Daly

Learning to drive can be tough so some learners may struggle to see the end of the tunnel. However if things aren’t improving, there are alternatives: some learners may choose to switch from manual lessons to automatic lessons in order to get on the road sooner than they would otherwise. But what are the pros and cons of switching from manual to automatic and more importantly, what’s right for you? 

What’s the difference?

Manual cars have a brake, accelerator and a clutch, so it is up to you to get to grips with changing gears yourself. Automatic cars, however, kindly change gear for you and only have a brake and accelerator with no clutch = no stalling.

It is also believed that automatic driving lessons are easier than manual, as gear changes are something that is commonly found to be a challenging aspect of learning to drive.

But take not that once you get an automatic driving licence, you can’t drive a manual car and can only drive automatic cars. However, if you have a manual driving licence you can drive either.

Cost Comparisons:

There is not usually a difference in price with manual and automatic driving lessons by the hour. However, if you are struggling it may cost you a great deal more to do the manual lessons and driving test than if you would admit defeat and take an automatic driving test.

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So lets weigh things up:

  • The manual driving licence allows you to have more flexibility in the future, especially when it comes to job prospects and buying or renting a car.
  • A manual car provides excellent control especially during the winter months.
  • When stuck in traffic, an automatic is often much appreciated as the gearshift from 1 – 2 then –2 – 1 over and over again can become rather dreary.
  • The bottom line is the type of licence you get should depend on what you will actually be using the licence for. If you want ultimate control in your drive and enjoy the freeness that a manual car provides, then this may be your best bet. If you just want an easy commute to work and often get stuck in traffic after a long day at work, then maybe an automatic might be for you.
  • If you are struggling with learning to drive, then an automatic may just be best for you, and if there does come a time when you need a manual licence, you would have gained road experience so could consider taking another test.

We want to know which you prefer. Share your experiences with us via Twitter @insurelearners

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