Manual Driving Lessons VS Automatic Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons VS Automatic Driving Lessons

Tina Playle - 2021-12-10
Manual Driving Lessons VS Automatic Driving Lessons img

A lot of people forget that there is a decision to consider before learning to drive, and that’s whether to have automatic or manual driving lessons. Manual appears to be the obvious choice for learner drivers, but there are definitely some benefits to opting for automatic lessons. We decided to weigh up the pros and cons of each option, so you can figure out whether automatic lessons may be better for you.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic cars only have a brake and an accelerator, as opposed to manual cars which have a brake, accelerator and clutch. This means that automatic cars kindly change gear for you.

The Pros of Automatic Driving Lessons:

  • This option might be chosen by people who just don’t want the hassle of learning clutch control. Driving automatic cars generally are a little easier to drive because of this.
  • You can pass your driving test in less time due to eliminating the need to worry about clutch control.
  • If you have mobility issues, an automatic car can be a lot easier to drive.
  • When you’re stuck in traffic, an automatic gear box is a blessing. Just sit back and go when you need. Your manual gearbox pals who will be constantly going from 1st to 2nd gear will envy you.

The Cons of Automatic Driving Lessons:

  • If you learn to drive an automatic car and take the test in an automatic car, you will only be able to drive automatic cars when you pass, making things like car sharing a lot more difficult.
  • Automatic cars are a little more expensive than manual cars.
  • In bad weather conditions, a manual gearbox can provide more control than an automatic one, since you are in control of the gears.

The Verdict

You shouldn’t feel like there a stigma when it comes to learning to drive in an automatic, because at the end of the day, you’re still going to be able to get from A to B if you pass your driving test. If you feel like it’s a better option for you, then go for it! We offer learner insurance whether you’re practising in an automatic or a manual car. Click here to get a quote for learner driver insurance For more tips on staying safe on the roads or for regular driving test tips, follow us on social media: InsureLearnerDriver Facebook | InsureLearnerDriver Twitter | InsureLearnerDriver Instagram