Does It Matter Where You Take Your Driving Test?

Some people believe that the pass rate of a driving test centre can determine if they will pass their test or not, but is this true? Are learner drivers going to extreme lengths to make sure they get a driving test in a test centre with the highest pass rate for a good reason?

We unpick whether it really matters where you take your driving test in our latest infographic.

Remember When Booking Your Driving Test

– Royal parts of the Uk come up top trumps with the highest pass rates
– Get experience in a wide range of different roads and driving conditions so that you are ready for after you have passed too
– Consider how ready you are for your test as a whole from your driving ability not just from how good you are at your chosen test route

Three key elements to consider are…


Plan which route is nearest to you where you feel comfortable

Search and Decide

Look around, try out various road types and depending on this decide which location you want to commit to


Practice in the location of your chosen test centre so you feel familiar with it when it comes to the day of your test