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InsureLearnerDriver | July 9, 2020

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Moments you’ll know all too well when learning to drive with your parents

Moments you’ll know all too well when learning to drive with your parents
Tina Playle
  • On February 7, 2019

We here at InsureLearnerDriver are always going on about how private practice will help you pass your test; however, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get difficult at times!

We’re of course referring to the ~occasional~ stressful moment or two when you have a family member in the passenger seat. Here’s some moments that might be all too familiar…

The struggle of convincing them



Sometimes, the stress begins before you’ve even got into the car. Maybe your parent’s car can be their absolute pride and joy, or maybe they just don’t trust you!

Here’s some good news, if you have an InsureLearnerDriver policy on a borrowed car, it doesn’t actually harm their main insurance, or no claims bonus, in the result of a claim!

For more tips on convincing parents to let you practice your driving in their car, click here.


The nervous laughter


Once you’ve convinced your loved one(s) to assist you with learning to drive, the real “fun” begins.

For some parents, having their child operate a huge metal box at top speeds of 40mph round the local block is a stressful experience. So stressful in fact, that it makes them act very strangely. Expect gasps and nervous laughter if you’re learning to drive with your parents!


The phantom brake pedal


Do not be surprised if in the corner of your eye, you see your parent’s leg pushing down into their own footwell. Again, the nervousness is to blame for this one!

Just assure them that you know what you’re doing. This may not be the last time you have to deal with a distracting passenger, so try and work through it. If they are being too distracting though, we give you full permission to pull over in a safe place and tell them how it is!


The know it all


Now, we understand that family members can have years of driving experience under their belts, however, be careful not to pick up their bad driving habits as well.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that your parents will try to give you driving advice and some of it may be sound! However, it’s always best to keep in mind what your instructor tells you as they are the real professionals in this case.


The taxi driver


Some parents see their new drivers in the family as their own personal chauffeur… And who can blame them?! They have spent 17 or more years driving you to and from schools, your friend’s houses and countless other places! It’s finally time for them to take a back seat from driving. Not to mention a great opportunity to get those hours of practice in.


Even though learning to drive with your parents can prove stressful, it’s 100% worth it.

The more time you spend in the driving seat, the more natural it becomes, which is essential for any learner driver.

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