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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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Motorway Lessons as a Provisional Licence Holder

Motorway Lessons as a Provisional Licence Holder
George Trout
  • On January 4, 2017

Under new plans set out by the government, it will soon be possible for learner drivers to practice their driving on motorways.

As of the minute, provisional licence holders cannot drive on motorways – not until they pass their driving test. However, this could all be about to change (and we must say, we hope it does)!

We at InsureLearnerDriver are in full support of this scheme, as we feel the more a learner driver can prepare for independent driving before they pass their test, the more experienced and safer they’ll be.

Is Motorway Driving a Good Idea?

RAC director Steve Gooding thinks these changes are desperately necessary and will help reduce the fears and / or apprehensions a learner may have about driving on motorways after passing.

Requirements for Motorway Lessons

For a learner driver to have a motorway lesson a few conditions must be met:

  • They must practice with a driving instructor that has been approved by the government
  • The car must have dual controls
  • The instructor must deem the learner capable of handling motorways
  • The learner must agree to take a motorway lesson

With this new initiative learners and instructors can mutually agree when is the best time to start tackling motorways.

Cars rushing by on motorway

What’s a ‘Pass Plus’ course?

Pass Plus courses are currently offered to newly qualified drivers. They are designed to help prepare them for independent driving.

Pass Plus lessons touch on subjects that aren’t always catered for in standard driving lessons. This can include driving on motorways, but also driving in adverse weather conditions, driving at night, driving on rural roads etc. Getting certified with a Pass Plus course certificate requires the driver to undergo tuition from an instructor, who is certified by the DVLA to teach Pass Plus courses.

Learner Driver Insurance for Early Pass Plus Tuition

Though Learner Driver Insurance is not suitable for motorway lessons there are other aspects of a Pass Plus course that Learner Driver Insurance can allow you to practice, before passing your driving test.

Learner Driver Insurance is a cover option that allows a learner driver to practice their driving as a provisional licence holder, outside of paid lessons, whilst under the supervision of an accompanying driver.

With a Learner Driver Insurance policy, a learner is covered to practice everything they would on a paid lesson, but with more freedom to choose what, when and where they learn (this does not however include driving on motorways). Whereas your instructor may not teach lessons during adverse weather conditions or at night, with Learner Driver Insurance you can practice when you want regardless of the weather or time of day. The freedom Learner Driver Insurance provides means you can mimic the conditions of a Pass Plus Course and do it when you want.

Have your say about whether you think the plans are good idea or not – Click Here to cast your say.


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