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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Pass Rates, We Ain’t Too Bad

Pass Rates, We Ain’t Too Bad
George Trout
  • On June 12, 2015

It’s been thrown around in the media lately that Driving Test pass rates have been at an all time low. This could discourage a lot of young drivers, so we believe it’s important to celebrate what a thriving community of Learner Drivers Britain is.


In celebration of that, we’ve decided to highlight the best of the best; showcasing the areas of the UK that have received the highest Driving Test Pass Rates. (Note: results recorded in these selections refer to best pass rates for the month of that year, not the year overall. Only places where more than 10 people took the test, in that month, were selected. Only results that show the individual pass rates for men and women were selected).

Lerwick was originally the ‘unofficial’ marketplace for the 17th Century Dutch Herring Fleet Service. It’s good to see that, other than great fish, the drivers aren’t too shabby either (12 out of 14 successful females and 9 out of 9 successful males, in 2011). Lerwick struck again the following year (7 out of 8 successful females and 12 out of 13 successful males,in 2012). Clearly, instead of attending Halloween parties that October the youth of Lerwick were studying hard for their Driving Tests.

Moving more inland, for the past two years, Ballater, a Victorian village in Scotland, has held the title for most successful pass rates. (3 out of 4 successful females & 7 out of 7 successful males, in 2013) (5 out of 6 successful males & 4 out of 5 successful females, in 2014).

Visit Gov’s Website to see where your area ranks.

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