Passing Your Driving Test in a Week – Is It Possible?

We’ve been loving E4’s All Star Driving School! For those who don’t know, All Star Driving School follows celebrities who attempt to pass their driving tests in just a week, intensive course style.

They spend the week with practising manoeuvres and driving on the roads with both an instructor and even a session with a friend or family member.

We admit, it’s fun to see these glamorous celebrities break a sweat by holding up traffic at roundabouts and getting stressed out whilst doing three point turns in double decker buses. But it’s left us wondering – is this the best way to pass your driving test?

We took even took to Twitter to do a quick poll and the results were fairly inconclusive.

So we decided to weigh up the pros and cons of intensive driving courses so you can decide for yourself.

The Pros of Intensive Driving Courses

An intensive driving course is probably the closest way a regular person could get to having this kind of experience that these celebs are getting. It’s actually a common route that learner drivers go down. Due to the rising costs of learning to drive, learners are striving for ways to reduce them by opting into paying one bulk sum for an intensive driving course that lasts only for several days.

The timing is also another huge selling point for intensive driving courses, as it’s a great way to get your full licence in the shortest amount of time. Not many learners will turn down the opportunity to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

The back to back lessons also provide strong reinforcements that fast learners would benefit from, potentially making it easy to pass the driving test at the end of it all. So, it’s definitely possible to pass your driving test in a week. This is why a lot of companies that offer intensive driving courses also advertise a “guaranteed pass”. However, something they can’t guarantee, is that you pass your driving test as the safest driver that you can be, which leads us to the cons of intensive driving courses.

The Cons of Intensive Driving Courses

Sure, an intensive driving course is a great way to pass your driving test quickly and cheaply, but perhaps not the safest way. There have even been calls by the Association of British Insurers for intensive driving courses to be completely banned so that learners can gain experience in a wider variety of road conditions.

The less time spent on the roads usually means that the learner driver doesn’t get the same experiences as a learner driver who has  lessons over a longer period of time. This could lead to young drivers being even more of a risk on the roads once they pass their driving test.


It’s up to you if you want to take the risks of an intensive driving course, but there are other ways that you can save time and money through private practice.

By practising with a friend or family member, you can use those sessions to practice what you’ve learnt in your driving lessons and become more experienced with the roads.

With InsureLearnerDriver, you can get insured for just £2 a day* so you can practice your driving!

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