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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Provisional Insurance – The Perfect Solution

Provisional Insurance – The Perfect Solution
George Trout
  • On February 19, 2016

Provisional insurance is a valuable tool for learner drivers.

To prove how versatile it can be, read through the following scenarios. Perhaps you’ve been stumped by a similar situation?


Scenario – Your parents get you a new car for your 17th Birthday. You want to start learning to drive, but want to practice in your new car.

Solution – It makes sense for this provisional licence holder to want to learn in their new car, particularly if it’s the car they’ll be driving after they pass. Provisional Insurance allows the learner to practice in their own car, under the supervision of an accompanying driver.


Scenario – You work late hours and struggle to find time for driving lessons.

Solution – Not all instructors are willing to do late nights. If you are working against the clock, provisional insurance can help. InsureLearnerDriver’s provisional insurance cover has no curfews, meaning as long as you have a car and an accompanying driver, you can drive at any given time.


Scenario – You want to start learning to drive but are anxious about learning with a stranger.

Solution – Though it is highly recommended a learner driver has some form of professional tuition, it’s understandable that taking instruction from a complete stranger can be unsettling for some. Provisional Insurance allows you to practice with a friend or family member, meaning you don’t have to practice with an unfamiliar face.


Scenario – You worry about people seeing you practice and feeling embarrassed.

Solution – With InsureLearnerDriver’s Provisional insurance, you can practice anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland – Which is perfect for those who dread being seen by people they know.


Scenario – You are a first time driver and are very nervous. You don’t think you’ll be taking your driving test for a long time, but don’t want to keep. buying temporary cover to practice.

Solution – Annual provisional insurance gives the learner the breadth of time to practice for as long as they need, without needing to re-purchase numerous short term policies.


When the day of glory finally arrives and you pass your driving test, we will be able to arrange cover for you under Full Licence – we can also offer you a discounted rate (if you’ve taken out a policy with InsureLearnerDriver). Contact our parent company, Sky Insurance on 03303 331 256 or see the ‘Young Drivers Scheme’ pages on the Sky Insurance website.

Have you ever purchased provisional insurance before? How did it help you? Do you have any questions we can help with? Let us know in the comments below.

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