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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Provisional Licence Holders Are Waiting

Provisional Licence Holders Are Waiting
George Trout
  • On August 28, 2015

With thousands of Driving Test applicants looking to move on from a Provisional Licence to a Full Licence it is not uncommon to have to book a test space well in advance or wait obscenely long for a Driving Test.

Some instructors will even set a date for the test 1st, then schedule lessons in after.

Though some parts of the UK you’ll only be waiting a week or two, there are some places that will have you wait 3 months before a Driving Test becomes available.

Waiting Times For Provisional Licence Holders Across The UK

This map of the UK shows where the longest wait times on average are.

Generally, areas around Scotland and the Midlands receive the longest wait times.

The most common waiting period for a Provisional Licence holder is 11 – 10 weeks, 45 test Centres in the UK have a wait time of 11 – 10 weeks. The worst off are: Aylesbury, Bletchley, Luton, Cambridge & Cardington who have to wait upwards of 18 weeks before a test becomes available!

The best off are: Folkestone, Burgess Hill, Reigate, Kings Lynn, Boston, Greenham, Abergaweny, Canterbury & Hereford. They on average only have to a week for a test to become available.

If you want to know where your nearest Test Centre is, click here to look it up on the Gov website.




  1. Bryan Greenall

    It is good to see this problem getting more exposure especially the waiting list times in my area of Bletchley, Milton Keynes and around the Buckinghamshire area in general. I have applied to be an examiner recently and was turned down. With the awful situation as it stands you would have thought they would be screaming for instructors to join and get this ridiculous situation under control earlier and planning has gone really really wrong somewhere in their organisation. I will not be applying for a role as an examiner again. My current pupils are struggling to even get a test booked before the end of January 2016!!
    Thank you for making this current problem more visible.

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