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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Learner News: Restrictions for New Drivers Proposed

Learner News: Restrictions for New Drivers Proposed
Tina Playle
  • On February 15, 2018

Plans to introduce restrictions for drivers who have recently passed their test are being discussed by the government.

Last Wednesday, Theresa May said that she will ask the Department for Transport to investigate the proposal of a “graduated licence” scheme in a bid to reduce the number of accidents which involve inexperienced drivers.

What is a Graduated Licence Scheme?

Similar concepts already exist around the world, they mainly involve placing restrictions on new drivers. These include driving curfews, a limit to the number of passengers in a car and maximum speed limits.

restrictions for new drivers

The Labour MP for Darlington brought the issue to the Prime minister whilst stating that 1 in 4 young drivers are involved in an accident within the first two years after passing and 400 deaths or serious injuries involved young drivers each year.


The Reaction to the Restrictions for New Drivers

Not everyone is happy about these proposed changes. Many are annoyed about the prospect of potential driving curfews, claiming that it would disrupt the commute to their jobs if they had to work night shifts or early mornings.

Others stated that the driving test and process of learning to drive should be refined in order to ensure that all newly qualified motorists are able to drive safely and responsibly. This follows the news that learner drivers will be allowed to have lessons on motorway driving in 2018.

The Benefits of These Proposed Restrictions

The RAC safety organisation conducted studies that showed more than a third of young drivers felt the standard driving test fails to cover all of the skills required to cope with the demands of every day driving.

Spokesman Pete Williams stated that “The RAC has been calling for a reform of driving education for young people and the introduction of graduated driving licences with a minimum supervised learning period…”.

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If these changes do come into effect and reduce the risk on the roads, the price of insurance premiums for young people may also reduce.

This would be great news as insurance premium for new drivers are notoriously high for the risk that they propose.

What happens next?

No changes have been made yet, however, it’s good to know the benefits that the changes could bring. We hope that whichever scheme is introduced, that it makes new drivers safer without disrupting their current routines or lifestyle.

What do you think about these proposed changes? Take our poll or leave a comment to let us know!

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