Romantic Car Scenes For Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d commemorate some great romantic car scenes in movie.

No matter how old we are, we can all appreciate a bit of romance.


Back to the Future – ‘George fights for his love’

The moment where George McFly shows his love for Lorraine by giving Biff a satisfying punch to the face. Full of nerves he then reaches his hand out to Lorraine and delivers the line, “Are you ok?”, oh so tenderly. It’s a pleasing and beautiful scene that leads to the couples pre-destined first kiss.


Herbie Fully Loaded – ‘Matchmaker Herbie’

Cinema’s favourite little Beetle acts as matchmaker between aspiring racer Maggie (Lindsey Lohan) and hapless mechanic Kevin (Justin Long). There’s numerous scenes where Herbie helps the romance progress. The final moment where Herbie opens his door to knock Kevin into Maggie (for their first kiss) is his final act as cupid.


Say Anything – ‘That stereo scene’

This 90’s Classic, starring John Cusack as love struck Lloyd Dobler, contains one of modern cinemas most iconic romantic car scenes. In this scene, Lloyd pronounces his undying love for Diane Court (Ione Skye). He stands outside his car and blares the sounds of Peter Gabriel to her. Most people would have given up after 10 minutes, but not Lloyd.


Thelma and Louise – ‘Driving off the cliff’

The pulse-pounding last moment where Thelma and Louise choose not to go to jail. Instead they choose to end their lives together, ploughing their car off the side of a cliff to be with each other in the afterlife, for eternity. This is a beautiful moment that shows endings don’t have to be happy to be romantic.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding – ‘The first kiss’

A little less serious than Thelma and Louise, this is the scene where Ian and Toula share their first romantic kiss together, just outside Toula’s parent’s house. This of course leads to a steamier good night kiss, later in the film. This is also revisited and recreated in the second film. Well done Toula, you found your Prince Charming.

Do you have any scenes from film that are perfect for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to send this article to someone who you think needs a good romance movie this Valentine’s Day.