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InsureLearnerDriver | January 23, 2019

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Safe Young & Learner Cars – Renault Captur vs. Skoda Fabia

Safe Young & Learner Cars – Renault Captur vs. Skoda Fabia
George Trout
  • On December 13, 2016

We recently looked at a couple of highly rated cars on Euro N-Cap ‘10 safe cars for Young and Learner drivers‘.

Today we’re comparing two much larger vehicles, that are both rated 5* stars by Euro N-Cap, the Renault Captur Expression+ 0.9 litre and the Skoda Fabia SE 12v 1.2 litre.

Learner Insurance

As a learner driver you would spend less on your learner insurance for a Renault Captur, which is roughly £87 a month compared to the Fabia’s £98. Something to keep in mind however is that there is a dramatic difference between the annual road tax for both. Whereas the Captur sits at a reasonable £30 – £40 a year the Fabia is estimated over £100.

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match up between a renault captur and skoda fabia

euro n cap ratings for a skoda fabia and renault captur

Euro N-Cap Safety Comparison

Young Driver Suitability

Both these vehicles are quite large and in an effort to get these bulky cars moving the engines are designed to maximise performance. Both cars have 12 valves per cylinder for added oomph and both have quite an impressive top speed, particularly the Captur which despite having a 0.9 litre engine has an estimated top speed of 106 mph. Something that the Fabia does have over the Captur in terms of power is its level of torque (turning force). This makes the Fabia the better car for overtaking, which is great for decreasing the time it takes to pass a slow moving vehicle. It also provides superior force for ascending up inclines. More torque means an easier uphill start.

Like in the previous match up between the Renault ZOE and the Twingo, we have again used estimated prices from They are again based on vehicles registered in the year of their Euro N-Cap test and based on a vehicle which has done 30,000 miles. Based on initial cost (Captur £6,620, Fabia £4,740) the Fabia is actually the better option, despite it being the more expensive choice for learner insurance. Also, the Captur for this comparison is said to be a year older. It’s had more time to develop wear and tear and despite it having more time to depreciate in value it still costs more than the fabia.

What’s quite interesting is that the Captur has a greater weight and size but in terms of fuel efficiency it’s the better choice. You could argue the smaller size makes the Fabia more city friendly, but let’s be honest if you we’re worried about having a big car you probably wouldn’t be getting a Fabia or a Renault Captur, you’d more likely get a Skoda Citigo or a Renault Clio. The benefit of these two ‘big’ cars is that they have a 5* Euro N-cap rating, meaning they provide the best level of safety.

stats for renault captur and skoda fabia

What’s On Offer?


  • TechnologyWhereas the Captur has Air con and traction control as standard the Fabia does not
  • Safety – Both offer central locking and side airbag protection. In the Captur there are front fog lights, it also has stability control and hill start assist. In the Fabia you too also have stability control, but you also get a tyre pressure warning system, which is pretty useful if you often drive on uneven ground that could damage your wheels
  • Style – Both cars sport alloy wheels and simple body coloured bumpers. In terms of overall body shape the captur has a longer, more aerodynamic roof top compared to the Fabia’s more box like design


  • TechnologyClimate control is optional on the Captur which it is not in the Fabia, atleast not at this trim level
  • Safety – The Captur has less to add to their safe driving experience but in the Fabia you can bump things up with collision detection.
  • Style – Dashboard colours can be mixed up in the Fabia, but the Captur offers the most variety in body colours, with their Arizona, Miami and Manhattan colour ranges.


Renault Captur

Auto Express – Classy crossover looks, clever interior design, customisation options

WhatCar? – The Renault Captur is a good car if you want small hatchback size and costs

AutoCar – The Captur is pleasant, cheerful, undemanding and potentially very frugal

Skoda Fabia

Auto ExpressMost versions offer great value for money, roomy interior

WhatCar? – The Skoda Fabia is one of the most rounded cars on sale

AutoCar – Skoda’s supermini is easy to use, comfy and grown-up

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